Placemaking embraces the ideas, energy and capital of the local community and works closely with the people who live, work and play there to create unique precincts and places across the city. At the heart of placemaking is the idea that the people who use the space are the ones who are best placed to plan its future development.

Placemaking is a process that enables all parts of the community and Council to work together to create great places. The process starts by seeking to answer three questions:

  1. What has been the identity, history and importance/value of the place in the past?
  2. What is the current identity and value of the place, to different people who use that place?
  3. What is the desired future identity of the place that meets the needs of most people who use the place, and how can these people work together to create or curate the desired identity for the place?

This placemaking approach has been used successfully in cities throughout the world to rejuvenate and reinvent precincts, turning them into thriving community hubs. Some great examples of successful placemaking in action include New York’s Times Square and Bryant Park.


Port Phillip is a city of distinct neighbourhoods, each with its own unique character, defined by heritage buildings, strip shopping and entertainment precincts, beach promenades and treelined streets.

The City of Port Phillip's Art and Soul Strategy (which is connected to strategic direction five of the Council Plan, ‘We thrive by harnessing our creativity’) is committed to delivering three outcomes:

  1. A city of dynamic and distinctive places and precincts
  2. A prosperous city that connects and grows business
  3. Arts, culture and creative expression are part of everyday life

Placemaking is key to delivering outcome number one. To that end, Council has developed a placemaking action plan for the purpose of creating a city that is full of dynamic and distinctive places and precincts that:

  • people care about and want to visit
  • meet the needs of the people who use them
  • deliver great experiences
  • have a strong identity and meaning.


South Melbourne and Fitzroy Street are the first precincts that Council is focusing on as part of the placemaking action plan, with Port Melbourne’s Waterfront Place lined up as the next precinct on the placemaking agenda.

Working with local residents and businesses, the goal is to re-imagine and reshape an authentic, lively future for these much-loved places, to create a city of dynamic and distinctive places.